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Top 5 Reasons to Join us in The Hague!

January 4, 2016

Register for your place at the ManageBac User Group Conference in the Hague today! Conference registration will close on February 5, 2016.


Why join us in the Hague? Our top five reasons:

1 Best Practices

How did your school implement ManageBac? How do you achieve staff buy-in? Train students, teachers, and parents? Come hear from leading international schools as they share their answers to these questions, and more.


2 Product Road Map

We’ll share our product road map for 2016, including direct integration with the IB e-Coursework submission platform, enhanced unit planners, more flexible reporting, a new online bookstore, and more! Come share your own feature requests.


3 Lance King and the ATL

Our keynote speaker Lance King has directly shaped the creation of ATL requirements in the IB CP, DP, and MYP. Hear from him directly during the keynote, and work with him in a smaller workshop to develop ATL implementation programmes.


4 Networking

Meet & mingle with your fellow academic coordinators, technology integration coordinators, and design teachers from schools all across the EMEA region. Dinner and drinks are on us! For the most updated list of attendees, click here.


5 ManageBac Support

Meet our friendly support team! Staff will be available throughout the conference to sit down with you 1-1 and answer your questions. We will also be leading a dedicated “Training the Trainer” session for advanced tips, tricks, and resources that you can bring back to your school.

Hope to see you there!

Announcing Behavior & Discipline

January 4, 2016

Today we are happy to announce the addition of Behavior & Discipline to ManageBac student profiles.

By default, the functions are OFF on your account, but an administrator can enable them under Settings > Behavior & Discipline.

While under Settings, you can customize the types of incidents and actions taken. Make sure to Save Changes.

Once enabled, a “Behavior” tab will be visible on each student profile. This is accessible only to account administrators and the student’s homeroom teacher. Parents have read-only access to appropriate incidents via the ManageBac portal.

When adding an incident, the account administrator or homeroom teacher can indicate if it should be e-mailed / be visible to the parents. By default, the homeroom teacher is always notified.

Lastly, administrators may export all behavior information via Settings > School Directory > three dots > Export Behavior Incidents.

For further information and detailed screenshots, please see our tutorials here.

Behavior & Discipline will be free of charge on ManageBac from now until December 31, 2016. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback or requests.

Feature Friday

January 1, 2016


  • Bulk Export Timetables for Students: Student Class Timetable PDFs can now be exported in bulk to a zip file by navigating to Classes > More Options > Bulk Generate Timetables for Students. The zip file will organise the PDFs by Grade level for each student.
  • Search Classes by ID: Search by Class ID under the search box via Classes > Search by class name or ID.
Middle Years
  • Additional Fields Available for Service as Action Reports: Additional fields can now be included in student SA Reports by navigating to the MYP Year Group > SA > Generate Reports > Select options under “Which fields you would like to display alongside the Activity name?”.
  • Disable ID Assessment by Class: The ID Criteria Assessment can be disabled in each class Gradebook by unchecking the “Show ID Assessment” checkbox.
  • Last Updated ID Assessment: Last updated ID Assessment details are now shown in each class Gradebook, including User, Date and Time.
ID Assessment


  • Automate Cc: on Notes and Emails: To ensure that you or other staff are automatically CC’d on any notes added on an applicant’s profile. Configure via Settings > Staff Directory > select profile and tick the “Automate Cc: on Notes and Emails via Applicant Profile” checkbox.

Automate Cc

Introducing Lance King and ATL implementation:

December 15, 2015

We are delighted to once again announce Lance King as our keynote speaker at our user group conference in the Hague. Lance’s impact on the development of ATL skills within the IB CP, DP, and MYP programmes is unparalleled.

[Lance’s] ideas around the development of resilience and the use of learning-skills focused, guided inquiry learning in the classroom have been potentially transformative and have helped shape the direction of all of these programmes. By the time all his present work is released his ideas will be influencing the learning of up to 750,000 students in 3500 schools in 120 countries

Malcolm Nicolson, (former) Head of Diploma Programme Development, International Baccalaureate Organisation, IB Global Centre, The Hague

We hope you can join us in the Hague for an opportunity to hear Lance’s keynote and participate in his workshop.

In Lance’s own words:

Having run 20 or so IB ATL workshops in the last two years my greatest concern is the possibility that we are all re-inventing the same wheel. All schools seem to me to have the same concerns and the same key issues – in the initial stages of ATL programme implementation anyway – and my aim is to try and de-mystify that process a little so that schools can get on and get the process happening for themselves, by themselves.

I think it is important at every IB school to put into place an active cycle of ATL implementation, making sure there is Thinking, Planning, Doing and Reflection going on but what I am seeing in different parts of the world is schools getting stuck at different stages in this cycle. Getting stuck at the Thinking stage and spending endless committee meetings working through some of the ATL documentation paragraph by paragraph or getting stuck at the Planning stage and spending countless hours designing wonderful horizontal and vertical ATL skills articulation documents.

Both important processes but in terms of ATL implementation nothing is actually changing in the classroom. The aim of any ATL programme is to improve the effectiveness of student learning. That can only happen by doing. What I am totally focused on these days is helping schools to get this process going by starting with Doing.

My advice to schools is to start small. Work out what one significant ATL skill is, one skill that every learner needs to enable them to become an independent, self-managed, self-regulated learner and start with that. Map out the development of that one skill from new entrants to graduates and make sure that skill is being taught and reinforced in a consistent manner across the whole school.

Do that first. Get it happening tomorrow.

Then reflect on how that is going and develop a similar plan for implementing ATL skill No. 2.

Build your ATL skills map up from the bottom. One skill at a time.

Interdisciplinary Assessments Now Available on Reports

December 11, 2015
Earlier this week, we released the Interdisciplinary (ID) Assessment feature to MYP gradebooks. For MYP schools also using ManageBac for Reports, this assessment can now be shown on Reports by ticking the ID Assessment checkbox via the Summary tab of the report template editor.
MYP Interdisciplinary Criteria Reports Overview
 The interdisciplinary assessment will appear on the Summary of Achievement, after the subject-specific class summary and any enabled ATL skills.
Interdisciplinary Report
The ID Assessment is shared across all MYP classes that a student is in. If your teachers are are not assessing the ID criteria, we’re working on a way for you to remove the ID assessment from your class settings.
Stay tuned as we roll out more enhancements, and please don’t hesitate to send us feedback at

Interdisciplinary Assessment Now Available for MYP Classes

December 7, 2015
We are excited to announce the release of Interdisciplinary (ID) Assessment in the MYP gradebooks. MYP teachers can now assess students according to the four ID Criteria via the Submit Term Grades tab of their class.
Similar to regular MYP assessment, teachers can use their best-fit judgement to assess each ID Criteria.  Please note that all four criteria must be assessed in order for a total ID sum to be calculated, otherwise the ID sum will appear as N/A.
Interdisciplinary criteria
We plan to have the interdisciplinary criteria available on report cards within the next week, please stay tuned for further announcements. Thanks everyone for your patience, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.
For more information on:

ManageBac and IB e-Coursework Integration for May 2016 Exams

December 1, 2015

We are delighted to announce a new drag’n drop integration from the ManageBac portfolio to the IB e-Coursework system. This will eliminate the need to download and re-upload files, reducing wait times and improving the user experience for Diploma coordinators, teachers and students.

On the ManageBac portfolio, your IA forms and coursework are now organised side-by-side to provide a fast, convenient workflow for e-Submission to the IB.

“Simply drag’n drop, and file transfers will happen in the background between ManageBac and the IB.”

In addition to a new style and expanded set of subjects, you will find several new improvements for the May 2016 exam session:

  • Preview mode: allows you to browse coursework individually (view studio work in a gallery format, read commentaries with a built-in PDF viewer or play files from film and music).
  • Improved scrolling: when you scroll down, the subject and component will always be listed visibly as a fixed header.
  • Expand & collapse: you can easily compress all the subject accordions with one-click.
  • Improved tooltips: all icons will now display an intuitive explanation on hover.

*The integration is scheduled to go live in January, 2016.

Schedule a demo of the integration here.

Learn more here.

Feature Friday

November 27, 2015


  • Student Photos now appear under the Students tab in classes  and under the Members tab in year groups. Up next: the ability to export student lists to PDF with photos.
  • Parents can view class messages: Parents can now view full messages and attachments posted to any class that their child is enrolled in by clicking the child’s name and hovering over the Messages tab.
  • Updated Settings UI now available in Spanish: For schools using the Spanish UI, the updated Settings labels are now in Spanish.
Spanish Settings


  • OpenApply now Syncs with Baidu Maps: For schools in China, we now support integration with Baidu Maps! Enable Baidu Maps via Settings > School Settings, tick theUse AMaps checkbox and hit Save Changes. 
  • PDF Exports: PDF Exports of student data now include Student’s Name as well as School Name, Address, Phone number & Email in the footer. This information can also be included on automatic status notifications using Merger Values.
  • Bulk Edit Student Data: Admins can now bulk edit student data by clicking Edit via the Inquiries, Applicants or Students tabs. Add any custom fields via the Filter and click the “three-dot” icon to be able to include those fields in your bulk Edit. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.43.52 PM

New Permission Levels for Reports & Attendance

November 23, 2015

Additional permission levels for Reports and Attendance are now available in ManageBac under each Teacher user profile.

This permission level is intended for registrars, counselors, or attendance secretaries. To enable the permission, navigate to your Settings > School Directory. After selecting a teacher, scroll down to the Access Levels & Permissions section.

You can grant the teacher access to the Attendance Manager and/or Reports tab.

Please note that these permission levels do not allow access to Settings, e.g. attendance settings and gradebook settings will not be accessible to the teacher.

For further information about this change, please see our tutorial here.

If you are interested in exploring ManageBac for reporting or attendance, please schedule a demonstration or call with us here. If your school is not currently using ManageBac for reporting or attendance, these options will be hidden.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.02.56 PM

Welcome New ManageBac & OpenApply Schools

November 19, 2015

Welcome the following schools to ManageBac & OpenApply!

Untitled design

We’re proud to support you this academic year and beyond!

  • Integrated Information Systems
    for International Education

  • Office Address

    Faria Systems Inc.
    548 Market St. #40438
    San Francisco, CA 94104

  • Taipei Branch Office
    2/F, No. 3, Lane 27
    Section 4, Ren'Ai Road
    Da'an District, Taipei 106
    Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Telephone

      +1 866 297 7022

      +44 208 133 7489


  •   +852 8175 8152

      +61 2 8006 2335