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Degraded Network Incident January 9-10, 2017

January 12, 2017

What happened?

ManageBac experienced a severe performance degradation between 05:40am UTC on January 9th and 11:17am UTC on January 10th. During this period, ManageBac responded to requests much slower than normal and a percentage of requests would intermittently time-out and fail. As soon as we detected the issue, our operations and product development teams began investigating the cause. We identified the issue was being caused by abnormally high network request times between ManageBac and third party web services that ManageBac depends on. We followed up with our data-centre provider and escalated the issue to their priority support. We also implemented workarounds where possible to alleviate some of the pressure on the system with the goal of keeping critical customer processes running.

After an extended analysis, the root problem was determined to be upstream of our data-centre. Specifically, the fault laid with a network provider called Level3 between our data-centre in Montreal and Amazon Web Services. Our data-centre provider eventually isolated their network from Level3 and re-routed our connections via alternative network providers. We verified that full functionality was immediately restored at 11:17am UTC on January 10.




Why did this occur?

At this point in time, Level 3’s network problems are continuing and our data-centre provider has not received a root cause explanation. Our data-centre assures us that our network will remain isolated from Level3 using alternative network providers until such time as the fault has been reliably and demonstrably rectified.

What are we doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

We have set up additional monitoring tools to specifically watch for and alert us of any similar network problems which could adversely affect ManageBac performance.

In addition, we are implementing a second, completely isolated, redundant data-centre with a different data-centre provider. This will give us many more options in the event of a future network outage and will allow us to recover from similar events in a significantly faster time frame.

We thank everyone for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience this incident may have caused. Providing our schools with reliable access to their ManageBac accounts is a top priority so downtime and network performance issues are not taken lightly.  For more information on our commitment to users, you can review our service level agreement here.

If you have further questions about this incident, please feel free to reach out to our support team at

Feature Friday

January 6, 2017
  • New School Based Subjects enabled:  We have added School Based Subjects and updated Aims, objectives, criteria, syllabus for the subjects below. To enable on your account, navigate to Settings > Diploma Programme > Subjects.
– Art History
– Astronomy
– Brazilian Social Studies
– Classical Greek and Roman Studies
– Marine Science
– Political Thought
– Turkey in the 20th century
– World arts and cultures
– Nature of Science
– Chile and the Pacific Basin

Happy New Year From ManageBac!

January 5, 2017

It was a privilege to serve your school in 2016. Thank you for the support, ideas, and suggestions! We are thrilled to start the new year with 2,196 schools in our community.



2016 by the numbers

Support Tickets
Answered within 4 hours
Phone Calls
Schools Visited



Released in 2016


Record incidents, notify parents and teachers, and track whole-school patterns. Read more


To better support teaching & learning in the DP. Read more


Updates to account security launched together with our Single sign-on Launchpad feature. Read more


We announced our integration partnership with Pamoja, the world’s only provider of online DP courses. Read more


Schools can now specify attendance settings by programme. Read more


We deployed a smooth new interface for parents with a responsive layout and faster performance. Read more


The interface for students was similarly updated over the winter holiday break! Read more


New Student Interface

December 22, 2016


We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new student interface, bringing the student experience in line with ManageBac Settings and the parent interface. Stay tuned for updates to the Teacher & Administrator views.

The new design is fully responsive on mobile and tablet, and we hope provides an improved experience for your students.

Our online tutorials have been fully updated to reflect the changes for DP Students and MYP Students.

Feature Friday

December 16, 2016


No new updates released this week.

Upcoming New Student User Interface:

On December 13, we sent an email to all administrators to announce the upcoming release of new a new Student User Interface (UI). We plan release the new Student UI next week and will post updated tutorials to our Online Help Centre when the UI is released. Our support team is on standby should you have questions of need any assistance.


Welcome New ManageBac Schools

December 16, 2016

Welcome the following schools to ManageBac!


We’re proud to support you this academic year and beyond!

Launchpad Single Sign-On Update

December 8, 2016


Today we are launching Single Sign-On (SSO) between OpenApply and ManageBac!

Our Launchpad allows parents and staff to login seamlessly to either OpenApply or ManageBac. The feature is available to all parents or staff who have an existing user account with both OpenApply and ManageBac.

Click here to get started!

This new SSO between OpenApply and ManageBac marks the start of our planned LaunchPad integrations. Stay tuned to our blog as we plan to extend SSO to other platforms in the coming months.

Feature Friday

November 25, 2016


Primary Years Programme

  • Drafted units are hidden from all shared classes: The logic of PYP unit plans has now changed. Saving a unit as draft will now hide the unit planner from the UoI as well as the Gradebooks of all shared classes. Click here for further guidance on how to draft PYP units.

Feature Friday

November 18, 2016


Diploma Programme

  • Edit Extended Essay Quick Start Guides: EE Quick Start Guides can now be edited via Settings > Guides > Extended Essay. These will appear to students when they start the Extended Essay Worksheet and when they tick Quick Start Guide on their worksheet. Click here for further guidance.
  • Diploma Programme: Locking EE and ToK Planning and Progress Forms

Welcome New ManageBac Schools

November 16, 2016

Welcome the following schools to ManageBac!


We’re proud to support you this academic year and beyond!

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    for International Education

  • Office Address

    Faria Systems Inc.
    548 Market St. #40438
    San Francisco, CA 94104

  • Taipei Branch Office
    2/F, No. 3, Lane 27
    Section 4, Ren'Ai Road
    Da'an District, Taipei 106
    Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Telephone

      +1 866 297 7022

      +44 208 133 7489


  •   +852 8175 8152

      +61 2 8006 2335