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Sharing Group 4 Internal Assessments through Add Resources

March 21, 2014

Group 4 Science teachers are now able to share Internal Assessments between teachers and classes of the same subject.  To do this, first navigate to Class > IA > Add Resources

Screenshot 1

After selecting the Teacher and Grade, check off the Internal Assessments to be added and then click Add Resources.

Screenshot 2


MYP Next Chapter: “Other” Field for Related Concepts, Global Context, and ATLs

March 21, 2014

We’ve just added an “Other” field to the MYP Next Chapter unit planner so MYP teachers can supplement the default Related Concepts, Global Context, and Approaches to Learning.

Screenshot 1These will be visible in both the unit plan on ManageBac and the PDF Export.


MYP Next Chapter: ATL Skill Clusters

March 18, 2014

We’ve recently updated the ATL tab of the MYP Next Chapter unit planner to include the ATL Clusters and the specific ATL Skills within those Clusters.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.54.40 PM
Teachers will now be able to use the checkboxes to select exactly which ATL Clusters and Skills will be covered within the MYP Unit.


Planned Server Downtime for Saturday, March 8

March 6, 2014

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Saturday, March 8 starting at 2pm HKT (GMT+8). The total duration of the maintenance will be two hours, but actual ManageBac service downtime is anticipated to last less than 30 minutes.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please enjoy your weekend!

Recording Orals in the New Version of Chrome

March 4, 2014

Recording Orals for IAs have been affected as the new version of Chrome was just released. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

We are currently working on a long term solution, but we recommend temporarily disabling the ‘SSL 256-bit encryption’ when you are recording the Orals (in the new version of Chrome) and turning it back on once you have finished.

To do this, please go to Settings > General and unselect the ‘SSL 256-bit encryption’.


Friday Feature: Student Profile Access Permissions for Teachers & Advisors

February 21, 2014

There are three available options that define Student Profile Access Permissions for Teachers & Advisors: Read & Edit, Read-only, and Not access.  These options can be set in the Access Permissions & Security section under Settings > General.

Screen Shot 1

Read & Edit

This option allows all Teachers & Advisors to read and edit the following profiles and worksheets for all students:


  • Diploma Plan Worksheets
  • CAS Worksheets
  • EE Worksheets
  • ToK Worksheets


  • Student Profiles
  • C&S Worksheets
  • Personal Project Worksheets


  • Student Profiles


This option allows all Teachers & Advisors to read but not edit the above profiles and worksheets for all students, with the following exceptions:


  • A student’s Homeroom Advisor can Edit the student’s Diploma Plan Worksheet
  • A student’s CAS Advisor can Edit the student’s CAS Worksheet
  • A student’s EE Supervisor can Edit the student’s EE Worksheet
  • A student’s ToK Teacher can Edit the student’s ToK Worksheet


  • A student’s C&S Advisor can Edit the student’s C&S Worksheet
  • A student’s Personal Project Supervisor can Edit the student’s Personal Project Worksheet

Not access

This option allows Teachers & Advisors to neither read nor edit student profiles and worksheets, though the same exceptions as for Read-only still apply (e.g. a student’s CAS advisor can still Edit the student’s CAS Worksheet).

ManageBac Site Visits in February and March

February 14, 2014

IB Americas:
2.18-2.21: St. Petersburg, FL

IB Africa, Europe and the Middle East
2.20-2.21: Paris, France
2.24-2.27: The Netherlands
2.28: Hamburg, Germany
3.3: Berlin, Germany
3.3-3.7: Doha, Qatar
3.9-3.10: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
3.11-3.15: Vienna, Austria for the CEESA Conference
3.12-3.14: London, England
3.17-3.19: Geneva, Switzerland
3.20-3.21: Zurich, Switzerland
3.24-3.27: London, England
3.25-3.26: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
3.27-3.28: Lusaka, Zambia
3.31-4.01: Lilongwe, Malawi

IB Asia Pacific
2.25-3.5: Mumbai, India for ASB Un-Plugged
3.6-3.7: Gurgaon, India
3.10-3.12: Hyderabad, India
3.10-3.25: Singapore for the IBAP Conference
3.14: Colombo, Sri Lanka
3.17-3.18: Dhaka, Bangladesh

In April and May, we are planning visits in Scandinavia and China. We will also be attending the ECIS conference in Seville, the IBICUS workshops in Dubai, and the Nordic Conference in Oslo.

If we’re planning to visit your area, and you’d like to meet with us, let us know and we will try our best to stop by.

Don’t see your area listed? Please feel free to contact us about the next planned visit to your region.

Friday Feature: Double Sided Reports

January 31, 2014

We’ve recently added a Double-sided Printing option to the Reports templates.

Screen Shot

Enabling this option will add a blank page to the end of all student reports with an odd number of pages, allowing you to easily print double-sided reports in bulk.

Friday Feature: Student ID Column in Import Parents CSV Template

January 24, 2014

This week, we added a Student ID column to the Import Parents CSV template (Users > Import Parents).  Administrators now have the option to enter either Student ID or Student E-mail in the corresponding column when importing parents in bulk.

Screen Shot 1

As always, if you need assistance with your import, you can contact our support team for help!

ManageBac Scheduled Downtime on Saturday, January 25

January 22, 2014

ManageBac servers will be down for the planned upgrade on Saturday, January 25 starting at 2pm HKT (GMT+8). The downtime is expected to last two hours.

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