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Welcome New ManageBac Schools!

August 26, 2014

Welcome to over 92 schools joining ManageBac this summer!

Sonora High School International School of Nice Mashrek International School Aoba-JapanNanjing International Wellington College International Tianjin Al-Arqam Islamic School & College Preparatory Beijing 55 Lincoln Park HighInternational School of Panama Southridge SchoolSinarmas World AcademyColegio Colombo Britanico CaliLeipzig International Seminole High School St. Andrews 107

  1. Académie de la Capitale
  2. Al-Arqam Islamic School & College Preparatory
  3. Alice L. Barnard Computer, Math and Science Center
  4. Allen High School
  5. American School of Bilbao
  6. Aoba-Japan International School
  7. Australian International School Indonesia (Pejaten Campus)
  8. Beijing No. 55 High School
  9. Bronzeville Scholastic Institute
  10. Cache La Poudre Middle School
  11. Canggu Community School
  12. Chinese International School Manila
  13. Choithram International School
  14. Colegio Atid
  15. Colegio Colombo Británico Cali
  16. Colegio Internacional Sek Alborán
  17. Cordova High School
  18. Denton High School
  19. District of Columbia International School
  20. East Mecklenburg High School
  21. English International School of Bratislava
  22. Florida League of IB Schools – Scholarships
  23. FMV Ayazağa Işık High School
  24. Georgetown District High School
  25. Hammond High Magnet School
  26. Hill Freedman World Academy
  27. Howard Middle School
  28. IGB International School
  29. Ikast-Brande Gymnasium
  30. Inderkum High School
  31. International High School of New Orleans
  32. International School of Dongguan
  33. International School of Kenya
  34. International School of Krakow
  35. International School of Nice
  36. International School of Panama
  37. International School of Vilnius
  38. International School of Western Australia
  39. John M. Smyth IB World School
  40. Jordan Elbridge Middle School
  41. Jurong Country Garden School
  42. Lancers International School
  43. Leipzig International School
  44. Lincoln Park High School
  45. Long Beach Middle School
  46. Machabeng College, International School of Lesotho
  47. Marlborough College Malaysia
  48. Mashrek International School
  49. Mentari International School Jakarta
  50. Mount Washington School
  51. Nanjing International School
  52. Naseem International School
  53. Ogden International School of Chicago
  54. Oregon Trail Academy
  55. Pacific Academy
  56. Paseo Hills School
  57. Plymouth High School
  58. Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College
  59. Prairie Seeds Academy (MN)
  60. Qatar Academy Al Khor
  61. Queensbury High School
  62. Riverdale High School
  63. Rockwall High School
  64. Ronald Reagan High School
  65. Sage International School of Boise
  66. Sandia High School
  67. Seedling Public School
  68. SEK Ciudalcampo
  69. Sek El Castillo, S.L.
  70. Sekolah Cikal
  71. Seminole High School
  72. Sequoia High School
  73. Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket (SSHL)
  74. Sinarmas World Academy
  75. Sonora High School
  76. Soundview School
  77. South Shore International College Prep High School
  78. Southridge School
  79. St. Andrew’s Scots School
  80. St. Andrews 107
  81. St. Francis of Assisi
  82. Summerour Middle School
  83. Sunset Middle School
  84. The Metropolitan Learning Center Interdistrict Magnet School
  85. The Notre Dame School
  86. Vittoria International School
  87. Waterloo Community Schools
  88. Wellington College International Tianjin
  89. Westchester Academy for International Studies
  90. William Howard Taft HS
  91. Wiltsey Middle School
  92. Windfields Junior High School
  93. YK Pao School

We’re proud to support you this academic year and beyond!

ManageBac T-Shirts

August 25, 2014

New ManageBac t-shirts will be available soon!

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Feature Friday

August 22, 2014

We’ve made several improvements to the system this month:


  • In Settings > General, administrators can now toggle the ability for teachers to create new classes.


  • The Student filters interface has changed. Selecting None will show students who are not assigned to any IB Group.


  • Attendance is now mapped by academic years. Attendance settings can now be customized year-by-year, while historical attendance data is retained.


Diploma Programme:

  • Diploma Unit Plans: Syllabus content has been updated and supports both the 2015 and 2016 syllabus for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Business & Management.


Middle Years Programme:

  • The Design subjects have been updated. Design Technology is now Product Design, Computer Technology is now Digital Design, and Technology is now Design.
  • Personal Projects assessment criteria has been updated to the MYP Next Chapter criteria.


Primary Years:

  • A new Pre-K2 grade level is now available. The grade level can be enabled via Settings > Primary Years > Years.
  • The Dashboard Full Calendar can now filter for PYP grade levels.

ManageBac Next Chapter Webinars

August 20, 2014

Join us for a complimentary 60-minute webinar on the transition to MYP Next Chapter on ManageBac! We are offering six webinars in August and September intended for IB MYP Coordinators and technology integration specialists.

Join us to see:

  • How settings & subjects are updated,
  • How to easily create new classes and access the new Next Chapter assessment criteria,
  • How to update unit planners,
  • How to transition and update your assessment tasks.

The webinars will be interactive with opportunity to provide direct feedback and connect with colleagues from around the globe. Each webinar will follow the same format and cover the same content.

Webinars are offered at the following times:



Find out how these times translate to your local time.

Sign up today! Registration closes 24 hours before each session.

Lastly, check out our handy guide to the Next Chapter transition on ManageBac.

ManageBac Scheduled Downtime

August 8, 2014

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Saturday, August 9 from 2pm-4pm HKT (GMT+8). Thanks for your patience and enjoy the weekend!

Accelerated Access to ManageBac for Schools in China

August 7, 2014



We are delighted to announce our partnership with ChinaNetCenter to accelerate service levels for our Mainland Chinese schools using ManageBac.

As we both know living behind the Great Chinese Firewall means that accessing international servers often requires VPN access or special configuration, and with inconsistent speeds, this can be very frustrating for many users.

Our new CDN service can be activated on a per-school basis for all users – without any additional configuration for students or parents. This will allow you to avoid using an international VPN by routing your traffic locally within China (behind the firewall) and should immediately improve your user experience, file upload and general navigation speeds by up to 2x – 3x.

Please contact the ManageBac Global Support team at if you would like to learn more about pricing and enable China CDN for your school account.

Adelaide User Group Conference: Recap

August 5, 2014

On Tuesday, July 29, we hosted our second ManageBac User Group Conference at Mercedes College in Adelaide, Australia. We were thrilled to welcome over 40 participants from more than 24 different IB World Schools across Australia and New Zealand.

The morning began with a warm welcome by the Head of Middle School at Mercedes College, Paul Wadsworth. The keynote address was given by the school’s MYP Coordinator Ashley Coats, who is one of ManageBac’s greatest advocates and a key supporter of IB World Schools in Australia. ManageBac was part of Mercedes College’s move towards technology-enriched learning environments. Since implementing the system three years ago, the school now uses ManageBac to manage their full IB continuum, non-IB SACE curriculum, as well as reporting. It is also the main source of communication with staff, students, and parents.

After an update from ManageBac staff on the latest updates, conference participants split into programme-specific groups where they heard from experienced coordinators on best practices, challenges (& solutions), and specific topics dealing with Australian curriculum.

The presentations featured:

  • [DP] Fiona Cock (Assistant Principal & DP Coordinator) at Sophia Mundi Steiner School: The school searched for a system that was user-friendly, IB-integrated, and with real-time teacher and student communication. With a clear school vision on the promising possibilities of the system and perseverance to change the culture in preparation for the future of IB and Australian education, the school began using ManageBac three years ago to manage their Diploma Programme, reports and attendance.
  • [MYP] Ashley Coats (MYP Coordinator) at Mercedes College: In addition to his Keynote, Ashley showcased the Mercedes account and opened the floor to MYP Q&A on system implementation across all user groups. ManageBac promoted accountability through a secure environment that was easily accessible and IB integrated. As a key contributor to the evolving IB MYP curriculum in Australia, Ashley is most impressed with prompt IB updates (i.e. MYP Next Chapter) and willingness to continually improve the system for its customers.
  • [PYP] Liz Black (PYP and MYP Coordinator), Chris Gully (PYP Teacher) and Dave Shaw (Assistant Leader in ICT) at Coromandel Valley Primary School: The school has been using ManageBac for one year, and are a great example of the healthy growth of Australian PYP schools beginning to adopt online platforms in recent years. In particular, they shared the importance of partaking in a longer trial period to allow adequate time to assess the benefits of the system, as well as build in-school experts who could confidently facilitate the buy-in of teachers. iPads have since been introduced, which has greatly complemented their use of ManageBac. They are set to generate their first set of reports at the end of the year.

The afternoon focused on programme-specific, hands-on training and discussion groups lead by the above-mentioned speakers. Robert Erwin (Director of Learning Technologies) at Werribee Secondary College and Shane Murphy (PYP Coordinator) at Mercedes College also led group discussions.

The day concluded with a networking event.

In summary, recommended advice shared for effective implementation included:

  • Clear expectations
  • Shared vision
  • In-school champions who can drive staff buy-in.
  • In-school support team who are willing to make themselves available.
  • Incorporating ManageBac training into PD days
  • Reaching out to local IB networks
  • Making use of the ManageBac support team and unlimited complimentary online training

We had a great time connecting with our schools in Australia! To learn more about the conference, download the programme here:

And save the dates for our upcoming user group conferences!

Mercedes College Keynote ManageBac

ManageBac workshop professional development IB



MYP Next Chapter Transition Update

August 1, 2014

Earlier today we deployed the final updates for the transition to MYP Next Chapter on ManageBac. These changes are effective from August 1, 2014 for May-session schools and for January 1, 2015 for November-session schools in the Southern hemisphere.

Please find a brief summary of the key changes, which we encourage you to share with your colleagues. Please note the transitions to the MYP Next Chapter are now permanent and irreversible. Once MYP Next Chapter has been enabled for your school’s account, you will not be able to switch back to the old curriculum.

 1. As of today, the old MYP subject groups and subject labels will no longer appear and your MYP subject choices will be fully migrated over. If you participated in an MYP Pilot, your classes will have been migrated over seamlessly.

All subject group headings have now been updated (e.g. Language A => Language and literature):

  • Language A  => Language and literature
  • Language B  => Language acquisition
  • Humanities  => Individuals and societies
  • Technology  => Design
  • Physical Education => Physical and health education

2. Legacy MYP classes, which were created in prior academic years, will continue to hold old unit plans and historical assessment details, which will be preserved with old criteria.

3. MYP Next Chapter assessment criteria and objectives have been updated fully programme-wide across the unit plans, assessment tasks, term gradebooks and report cards. In September 2014, the grade boundaries will be revised to reflect the MYP Coordinator’s Handbook enabling you to begin submission of term grades.

4. When editing historical unit plans, teachers will have the option to select the Global Context, Key & Related Concepts and to formulate Inquiry Questions & Statement of Inquiry. Once any of these elements are selected, the historical unit details including resources and tasks will be migrated into the MYP Next Chapter unit planner layout.

5. MYP Next Chapter assessment criteria and objectives are now available for all units and tasks. Please note that previously selected criteria and objectives are no longer visible in the units. When adding old assessment tasks via the Add Resources you will need to select new criteria, but all other task information will carry forward.

As an MYP Coordinator, these are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You will want to ensure that your enabled Subjects are accurate. Check under Settings > Middle Years > Subjects.
  • If you created any classes for the 2014-2015 academic year, we recommend bulk-archiving or deleting them now. In order for your teachers to assess against the MYP Next Chapter criteria, your classes must be created after August 1, 2014 (or Jan 1, 2015 for November schools).
  • You can easily bulk import your classes for the 2014-2015 academic year via the Classes tab.
  • If you have any subject-specific MYP rubrics, these will also need to be recreated under Settings > Middle Years > Rubrics & Options.

As an MYP Teacher, these are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All your previous classes should be archived, and new MYP Next Chapter classes should be created for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • All previous units should be immediately available via the Units. Review your units. To make changes, click Edit Unit. Update your unit for MYP Next Chapter by indicating the Global Context, selecting Key & Related concepts and formulating Inquiry Questions & the Statement of Inquiry. (Key tabs to review & complete: Inquiry & Purpose, Assessment, Backward Planning.)
  • Click on the Tasks tab to add new tasks. To use previously created tasks, click Add Resources. You will need to update the criteria choices for MYP Next Chapter. Any prior task-specific rubrics will also have to be adapted for the new assessment criteria.

Concluding Notes:
Please note that all old classes and assessment tasks (created prior to August 1, 2014) will still be available on your school account. They are retained as a historical record.

If you have not yet enabled MYP Next Chapter on your account, you can do so via the Settings > General tab. Please notify us at and we can then assist you in enabling the new Next Chapter subjects for your school.

Let us know via e-mail or phone if you have any questions or feedback! We will be organizing webinars and posting tutorial videos at the end of August; please stay tuned for additional updates.

ManageBac Scheduled Downtime on Saturday, August 2

July 31, 2014

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Saturday, August 2 from 2pm-4pm HKT (GMT+8). Thanks for your patience and enjoy the weekend!

Feature Friday

July 18, 2014

We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:


  • When planning DP and PYP units, a Confirm Navigation message now appears if users navigate away from the page without saving changes. This message has previously existed for MYP units.
  • Student Imports can now update data for existing users. The quickest way to bulk update student information will be to export students via Users > Export Students & Parents, update the spreadsheet, and re-import the CSV via Users > Import Students. Note that e-mail addresses are used to identify users and cannot be bulk updated.


  • In addition to student first name, last name, and ID, you can now search for students based on their preferred name, other name, or e-mail address.
  • Calendar Events created in the IB Parents Association group will now appear in all administrators’ Dashboard Calendar. The event will also be visible to teachers whose classes match the event’s selected programmes and grades. For example, an event shared with MYP and PYP parents will not be visible to DP teachers.

Middle Years Programme:

  • Service & Action is now live and applies to all newly created MYP Groups. Current MYP Groups will still show the S&A tab, but the learning outcomes and activities have not changed to retain historical data. Within a new MYP Group, you can configure hour types via the Group Settings.


  • The hour types are available for students to select when new activities are added.


  • Within the student worksheet, activity hours and S&A completion is tracked in real time.



  • Holidays can now be included as part of attendance rotation days. This option can be enabled via Settings > Attendance > Settings.


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