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Join us for a Complimentary Reporting Workshop in Hong Kong!

October 11, 2016

We are hosting a complimentary one-day intensive reporting workshop at Hong Kong Academy on November 11, 2016.

Come explore the infinite possibilities of ManageBac reporting, from progress reports to customised rubrics to one-off tips & tricks. This workshop is open to anyone from an IB World School who is keen to create stunning report cards.

View the programme.

What is required?

  • A laptop
  • Samples of your ideal report card(s)

This event is free of charge.

Lunch, light refreshments are all included. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation.

Hong Kong Academy
33 Wai Man Road
Sai Kung New Territories
Hong Kong

*See what happened at our previous reporting workshop in The Netherlands here.

The event is capped at 30 participants.

Registration is Open! ManageBac User Group Conference Berlin

September 2, 2016


Registration for the third annual ManageBac User Group Conference in Europe is now open!

After welcoming over 150 participants from 80 IB World Schools to our ManageBac User Group Conference in The Hague, we are honoured to work with Berlin Brandenburg International School for our third conference on March 24-25, 2017.

Register Now

Based on feedback from our recent User Group Conference in Hong Kong, we will provide differentiation based on users’ existing ManageBac knowledge. The breakout sessions will indicate the ideal level of existing system knowledge. (e.g. a Level 1 breakout session would be geared for beginners, Level 2 for intermediate users, etc.)

We’re also excited to welcome our development team to the user group conference, so they can hear feature requests directly from our users.

If you are interested in speaking or facilitating at the conference, please send a brief proposal to Kevin Piersialla at before October 31, 2016.

What happened at the last conference in The Hague?

Click here.

Coming Soon: New Parent User Interface

September 2, 2016

New Parent UI

Early next week, we will release a new user interface for parents.

This is part of our on-going work to refresh and improve the ManageBac interface for all users, which began with the update to ManageBac Settings back in September 2015.

The new user interface was designed to:

  • simplify navigation (so you can get more done with fewer clicks)
  • improve usability for existing and first time users
  • move ManageBac towards a responsive layout that will support tablet (iPad + Android) and mobile usage

All functionality for parents on the new interface will remain unchanged.

Thank you for your patience with this new update. Our support team is standing by 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, in case you would like to send us feedback or request assistance.

We hope you find the new interface an improvement over the previous design, and look forward to rolling it out to additional user types over the coming months!

UPDATE: The new parent interface deployed on September 6, 2016. Our tutorials have been updated. We especially recommend this one helping parents navigate ManageBac.

IB Americas: Toronto Breakfast Recap

July 19, 2016


This year we welcomed over 120 educators at our annual IB Americas breakfast, as well as several of our new integration partners! We shared several exciting updates, including:

  • A new tablet-friendly user interface, coming late Fall 2016 for students and parents, and early Spring 2017 for teachers and administrators.
  • New integrations to come with Pamoja & AssessPrep
  • An update on our upcoming Bookstore

We were also grateful to our three panel speakers, who shared their ManageBac implementation processes and experiences at their schools. A big thank you to:

Thank you to all who attended! If you missed it, we’ve linked our presentation document below. We hope to see you next year!

ManageBac Breakfast Presentation — Toronto 2016

We’re delighted to announce an integration partnership with Pamoja!

July 4, 2016


We are pleased to announce our new integration partnership with Pamoja, the sole provider of online International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) courses.

Benefits include:

  • Showcase Pamoja Online Courses: Display Pamoja courses alongside your face-to-face IB Diploma courses. Provide students & parents and Site-based Coordinators with one-click inquiry to register interest in Pamoja Online Courses.
  • Single-Sign-On to Pamoja: One-click access to Pamoja’s learning environment via Plan Worksheet or from the LaunchPad for Site-based Coordinators, Students and Parents.
  • One-click Inquiry: Register your interest in Pamoja online courses directly from within ManageBac’s plan registration worksheets.
  • Data Synchronisation: Final term grades and comments will be synced from Pamoja back to ManageBac, eliminating report card headaches.
  • Term Grades & Reporting: Streamline term reporting workflows for your Registrar & Academic team. Seamlessly roll-up and consolidate Pamoja Online Course grades into your report cards, while preserving your look & feel and subject group order.
  • IB Diploma Plan Worksheet: Rising MYP5 and DP1 students & parents can make better subject choices with easy access to DP subject details including the syllabus, aims & objectives, exam details, key deadlines & calendar. Responsive design allows for easy Plan completion on iPad and tablets.
  • IBIS Exam Registration: We will support registration for Pamoja online courses directly from within the ManageBac plan worksheet, so coordinators can complete their IBIS exam registrations seamlessly.

Get started for the 2016-2017 Academic Year!

Learn more.

Save the Date: ManageBac User Group Conference Berlin!

June 8, 2016


After welcoming over 150 participants from 80 International Schools to our second User Group Conference in Europe at The International School of The Hague in The Netherlands, we are honoured to announce our third annual User Group Conference in Europe!

We are delighted to be working with Berlin Brandenburg International School to organise the conference on March 24 – 25, 2017.

Sessions will be tightly focused on practical, actionable tips and strategies for implementing ManageBac and improving International Baccalaureate programme management, let by experienced school administrators.

Based on feedback from our recent User Group Conference in Hong Kong, we will provide differentiation based on users’ existing ManageBac knowledge. The breakout sessions will indicate the ideal level of existing system knowledge. (e.g. a Level 1 breakout session would be geared for beginners, Level 2 for intermediate users, etc.)

We will also offer a fifth track (“Achieving buy-in”) that focuses exclusively on building stakeholder support for ManageBac implementation.

We’re also excited this year to welcome our development team to the user group conference, so they can hear feature requests directly from our users.

If you are interested in speaking or facilitating at the conference, please send a brief proposal to Kevin Piersialla at before September 9, 2016.

*Registration will open on August 22, 2016.


What happened at the last conference in The Hague?

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ManageBac Reporting Workshop in The Netherlands: Recap

June 1, 2016


On May 27, we held our inaugural ManageBac Reporting Workshop at The International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest. We were thrilled to welcome nearly 30 participants from International Schools across the European Region to the School. Thank you to The International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest for hosting a great day!

Our Reporting Workshop was targeted at the intermediate to the advanced ManageBac user who wanted to learn more about creating stunning report cards.

We started with a company update from ManageBac staff, followed by a ManageBac report cards (HTML-intensive) session led by Eddie Zevallos from Copenhagen International School. We then moved into programme-specific workshops which included demonstrations, school scenarios, tips and discussions on PYP, MYP and DP reporting.

One of the most popular sessions to close out the day was the “Reporting tips, techniques and curveballs” session where everyone brought their toughest reporting questions to the table in an open forum. During this session, one of our most experienced users discovered how to generate report cards for his Diploma Certificate students separately from the report cards for full IB Diploma students.

Participants in the final Jobs-alike session were able to dive deeper into relevant reporting topics and share best practises from their own experiences.

Katie Najafabady from Ecole Internationale Montgomery said, “I just wanted to write to say a big “Thank you!!” for offering the Reporting Workshop on Friday. I learned a lot and made some wonderful connections.”

We had a great day and are planning to host Reporting Workshops in Europe and other regions again in the near future. Please let us know if your school is willing to host!

Here are some photos from the Workshop:


View the programme and download the presentations here.

Top 5 Reasons to Join us in The Hague!

January 4, 2016

Register for your place at the ManageBac User Group Conference in the Hague today! Conference registration will close on February 5, 2016.


Why join us in the Hague? Our top five reasons:

1 Best Practices

How did your school implement ManageBac? How do you achieve staff buy-in? Train students, teachers, and parents? Come hear from leading international schools as they share their answers to these questions, and more.


2 Product Road Map

We’ll share our product road map for 2016, including direct integration with the IB e-Coursework submission platform, enhanced unit planners, more flexible reporting, a new online bookstore, and more! Come share your own feature requests.


3 Lance King and the ATL

Our keynote speaker Lance King has directly shaped the creation of ATL requirements in the IB CP, DP, and MYP. Hear from him directly during the keynote, and work with him in a smaller workshop to develop ATL implementation programmes.


4 Networking

Meet & mingle with your fellow academic coordinators, technology integration coordinators, and design teachers from schools all across the EMEA region. Dinner and drinks are on us! For the most updated list of attendees, click here.


5 ManageBac Support

Meet our friendly support team! Staff will be available throughout the conference to sit down with you 1-1 and answer your questions. We will also be leading a dedicated “Training the Trainer” session for advanced tips, tricks, and resources that you can bring back to your school.

Hope to see you there!

ManageBac and IB e-Coursework Integration for May 2016 Exams

December 1, 2015

We are delighted to announce a new drag’n drop integration from the ManageBac portfolio to the IB e-Coursework system. This will eliminate the need to download and re-upload files, reducing wait times and improving the user experience for Diploma coordinators, teachers and students.

On the ManageBac portfolio, your IA forms and coursework are now organised side-by-side to provide a fast, convenient workflow for e-Submission to the IB.

“Simply drag’n drop, and file transfers will happen in the background between ManageBac and the IB.”

In addition to a new style and expanded set of subjects, you will find several new improvements for the May 2016 exam session:

  • Preview mode: allows you to browse coursework individually (view studio work in a gallery format, read commentaries with a built-in PDF viewer or play files from film and music).
  • Improved scrolling: when you scroll down, the subject and component will always be listed visibly as a fixed header.
  • Expand & collapse: you can easily compress all the subject accordions with one-click.
  • Improved tooltips: all icons will now display an intuitive explanation on hover.

*The integration is scheduled to go live in January, 2016.

Schedule a demo of the integration here.

Learn more here.

New ManageBac Settings and a Preview of our New Look

September 23, 2015

New ManageBac Settings and a Preview of our New Look

Over the past year, we have been working to better align and standardise our interface across ManageBac and OpenApply. The new ManageBac settings are the first step towards simplifying the navigation, improving usability for existing and first time users, and moving towards a responsive layout that will support effective use of ManageBac on tablets (iPad + Android) in addition to web.

To highlight some of the key changes:

  • Settings is now organised under menus with a description of each section.
  • Steps are sequential to guide a school through the setup process in the most logical way.
  • This replaces the QuickStart wizard.
  • The left navigation menu provides a fast, efficient way to move between pages.
  • Academic terms and years has been fully redesigned to visually indicate the duration of terms and to ensure correct configuration in advance of class creation.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out additional improvements for reports generation in the new interface design to better streamline the full reporting lifecycle from scheduling generation of reports to proofing & review as well as granular access & permissions.

As part of this Settings redesign, we have also made a significant architectural change, so that all Classes will now be mapped to specific academic years & terms. This change will greatly streamline and improve the ‘back-to-school’ process in future academic years and to support efficient archival of historical classes. In other words, you will be able to easily carry forward classes, set varying durations for a class that may only last one term and most importantly you will be able to go back in time to see units, tasks & assessments, resources, transcripts from prior years.

2015-2016 is a transition year for ManageBac and in the spring of 2016 we will be previewing our new system interface, which has been implemented recently on OpenApply for admissions & enrolment. To preview how that looks, please check out:

Thank you for patience with this new update and apologies for any shock or confusion about the new design, we hope that you will find it an improvement over the previous design

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