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Top 5 Reasons to Join us in The Hague!

January 4, 2016

Register for your place at the ManageBac User Group Conference in the Hague today! Conference registration will close on February 5, 2016.


Why join us in the Hague? Our top five reasons:

1 Best Practices

How did your school implement ManageBac? How do you achieve staff buy-in? Train students, teachers, and parents? Come hear from leading international schools as they share their answers to these questions, and more.


2 Product Road Map

We’ll share our product road map for 2016, including direct integration with the IB e-Coursework submission platform, enhanced unit planners, more flexible reporting, a new online bookstore, and more! Come share your own feature requests.


3 Lance King and the ATL

Our keynote speaker Lance King has directly shaped the creation of ATL requirements in the IB CP, DP, and MYP. Hear from him directly during the keynote, and work with him in a smaller workshop to develop ATL implementation programmes.


4 Networking

Meet & mingle with your fellow academic coordinators, technology integration coordinators, and design teachers from schools all across the EMEA region. Dinner and drinks are on us! For the most updated list of attendees, click here.


5 ManageBac Support

Meet our friendly support team! Staff will be available throughout the conference to sit down with you 1-1 and answer your questions. We will also be leading a dedicated “Training the Trainer” session for advanced tips, tricks, and resources that you can bring back to your school.

Hope to see you there!

ManageBac and IB e-Coursework Integration for May 2016 Exams

December 1, 2015

We are delighted to announce a new drag’n drop integration from the ManageBac portfolio to the IB e-Coursework system. This will eliminate the need to download and re-upload files, reducing wait times and improving the user experience for Diploma coordinators, teachers and students.

On the ManageBac portfolio, your IA forms and coursework are now organised side-by-side to provide a fast, convenient workflow for e-Submission to the IB.

“Simply drag’n drop, and file transfers will happen in the background between ManageBac and the IB.”

In addition to a new style and expanded set of subjects, you will find several new improvements for the May 2016 exam session:

  • Preview mode: allows you to browse coursework individually (view studio work in a gallery format, read commentaries with a built-in PDF viewer or play files from film and music).
  • Improved scrolling: when you scroll down, the subject and component will always be listed visibly as a fixed header.
  • Expand & collapse: you can easily compress all the subject accordions with one-click.
  • Improved tooltips: all icons will now display an intuitive explanation on hover.

*The integration is scheduled to go live in January, 2016.

Schedule a demo of the integration here.

Learn more here.

New ManageBac Settings and a Preview of our New Look

September 23, 2015

New ManageBac Settings and a Preview of our New Look

Over the past year, we have been working to better align and standardise our interface across ManageBac and OpenApply. The new ManageBac settings are the first step towards simplifying the navigation, improving usability for existing and first time users, and moving towards a responsive layout that will support effective use of ManageBac on tablets (iPad + Android) in addition to web.

To highlight some of the key changes:

  • Settings is now organised under menus with a description of each section.
  • Steps are sequential to guide a school through the setup process in the most logical way.
  • This replaces the QuickStart wizard.
  • The left navigation menu provides a fast, efficient way to move between pages.
  • Academic terms and years has been fully redesigned to visually indicate the duration of terms and to ensure correct configuration in advance of class creation.

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out additional improvements for reports generation in the new interface design to better streamline the full reporting lifecycle from scheduling generation of reports to proofing & review as well as granular access & permissions.

As part of this Settings redesign, we have also made a significant architectural change, so that all Classes will now be mapped to specific academic years & terms. This change will greatly streamline and improve the ‘back-to-school’ process in future academic years and to support efficient archival of historical classes. In other words, you will be able to easily carry forward classes, set varying durations for a class that may only last one term and most importantly you will be able to go back in time to see units, tasks & assessments, resources, transcripts from prior years.

2015-2016 is a transition year for ManageBac and in the spring of 2016 we will be previewing our new system interface, which has been implemented recently on OpenApply for admissions & enrolment. To preview how that looks, please check out:

Thank you for patience with this new update and apologies for any shock or confusion about the new design, we hope that you will find it an improvement over the previous design

ManageBac on Rails 4!

January 24, 2015

Apologies today for the longer than expected maintenance. The required downtime for this important deployment exceeded our initial estimate of 2 hours, but maintenance was completed at 5:23 pm GMT today.

There was a minor unicode (UTF-8) issue involving smileys :) who would have thought? But that required us to begin a 2nd maintenance session at 3 pm GMT.

We are delighted to announce that ManageBac is now running on the latest version of Rails 4.2.

Our R&D team has been working very hard on this upgrade for the past 11 months, and while the front-end interface for ManageBac remains the same, this was an essential technical upgrade (akin to replacing the engine) encompassing the following:

  • Reduction of over 20k lines of code. Generally the more (or same) functionality in the least amount of code the better.
  • Automated test coverage now stands at 86%. This improves application reliability and allows us to run a suite of continuous integration tests on every new build to catch bugs and fix them before you ever notice them.
  • Memory usage improved by 4x, this greatly improves the ability of ManageBac to handle a higher load.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! As some of you who have submitted feature requests know, we had to pause major feature updates during code freeze because of the MB Rails 4 upgrade. From next week onward, we will be resuming normal feature development.

Scheduled ManageBac Server Maintenance

January 20, 2015

ManageBac will be unavailable as we perform server maintenance this Saturday, January 24 from 4-5PM HKT (GMT+8). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

ManageBac – IBIS Integration

August 28, 2014

The new IBIS system will go live on September 1 and the ManageBac IBIS exam registration integration will continue to run normally during the fall – the API remains the same.

For IB DP Coordinators submitting registrations via ManageBac, please note that you will see your registrations reflected on IBIS within a maximum of 5 minutes upon successful registration, so please keep this processing time in mind if you are logged into IBIS and refreshing your browser to compare against ManageBac.

Just to confirm some of the key IBIS dates:

  • November 15: Final registration deadline
  • January 15-22: Candidate session numbers will be retrieved and updated on ManageBac. Please be sure to renumber your candidates before this date.

As always feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. We are available Monday through Friday 24 hours a day.

ManageBac Scheduled Downtime

August 8, 2014

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Saturday, August 9 from 2pm-4pm HKT (GMT+8). Thanks for your patience and enjoy the weekend!

Accelerated Access to ManageBac for Schools in China

August 7, 2014



We are delighted to announce our partnership with ChinaNetCenter to accelerate service levels for our Mainland Chinese schools using ManageBac.

As we both know living behind the Great Chinese Firewall means that accessing international servers often requires VPN access or special configuration, and with inconsistent speeds, this can be very frustrating for many users.

Our new CDN service can be activated on a per-school basis for all users – without any additional configuration for students or parents. This will allow you to avoid using an international VPN by routing your traffic locally within China (behind the firewall) and should immediately improve your user experience, file upload and general navigation speeds by up to 2x – 3x.

Please contact the ManageBac Global Support team at if you would like to learn more about pricing and enable China CDN for your school account.

ManageBac Scheduled Downtime on Saturday, August 2

July 31, 2014

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Saturday, August 2 from 2pm-4pm HKT (GMT+8). Thanks for your patience and enjoy the weekend!

ManageBac Scheduled Downtime on Saturday, June 7

June 6, 2014

Our servers will be down for maintenance on Saturday, June 7 starting at 8pm HKT (GMT+8). The total duration of maintenance will be less than 2 hours. Actual service downtime is anticipated to last less than ten minutes.

Enjoy the weekend!

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